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We provide earth moving services in the Wellington region

Have you been thinking about building your new home, clearing your section or lifestyle block, or adding value to your home?

We have many years experience and put our knowledge and expertise at your disposal in order to give you the best earth moving services in the Wellington region. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction through the entire process. We take pride in our work and do the best we can at every stage to ensure that your needs are met.
Earth moving services in Hutt Valley

New projects

We can arrange a project manager to work alongside you from concept, to plans, to council approval, to the completed project. We work under the guidance of Licensed Building Practioners.

We are highly motivated by new challenges, and enjoy applying pioneering solutions to novel and different situations.
Earth moving services in Hutt Valley

Equipment and expertise

Specialized earthmoving equipment is essential to getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

We can source a wide range of machinery and expertise to make sure that your job does not cost more than necessary or take longer than it should.
Earth moving services in Hutt Valley

Range of services

  • excavations for new building
  • clearing or mulching trees, bush, scrub, gorse
  • backfilling
  • drilling post-holes for your fence, retaining wall or deck
  • general demolition, removing dirt, landslips
  • lifestyle block general maintenance - tracks, trees, culverts
  • supply topsoil, pebbles, rock
Earth moving services in Wellington region
From pulling out gorse to filling up gullies - no job too big or too small
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